WHEN ARE YOUR DIY WORKSHOPS? Furniture Painting workshops are scheduled as shown on the calendar. All other workshops (signs, big builds) can be instantly booked.

DO MY FRIENDS AND I ALL HAVE TO MAKE THE SAME PROJECT? Absolutely not! You each get to choose your own project, colors, finishes, etc. We have almost 300 projects on our Gallery Page and we can make any custom design you want.

WHAT IS THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PEOPLE FOR A WORKSHOP? We have hosted up to 30 people and could make room for more if necessary, just let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

DO YOU HAVE ANY DISCOUNTS FOR “HOSTESSES”? We offer a Punch Card that earns you a free project (up to $50).

CAN I CHOOSE MY PROJECT WHEN I ARRIVE AT THE WORKSHOP? No, workshop registrations must be recieved at least 72 hours in advance, and Big Builds require one week advance registration (or longer for larger groups). We cut all stencils and lumber to order.

WHAT IF I CHANGE MY MIND WHEN I ARRIVE AT THE WORKSHOP AND WANT TO CHANGE OR ADD SOMETHING TO MY STENCIL? We are not able to change or cut any additional stencils at the workshop, unless it is to fix a mistake that we made.

HOW LONG DO YOUR WORKSHOPS LAST? Most of our workshops last between 1.5-2 hours. Occassionally a group might be here over two hours, but we do our best to respect your time!

CAN WE BRING DRINKS AND SNACKS? Yes, BYOB and snacks are welcome. It works best to bring small snacks that can be eaten while you are working. Once you paint your background you will have time while your paint dries to get snacks and drinks. We provide paper goods, wine glasses and a bottle opener.

HOW CAN I MAKE SURE THAT I AM SITTING NEXT TO MY FRIENDS AT A WORKSHOP? During the registration process there is space marked “Workshop Seating”. You can use that space to let us know who you are coming with so we can seat you together. 

WHERE DO WE PARK? There is plenty of free street parking and a free parking garage 1/2 block north of the studio.

WHAT ARE YOUR SIGNS MADE OF? Our signs are made on wood so there will naturally be variations in grain and texture with knot holes, etc. Our wood frames are made with rustic furring strips. There WILL be knot holes in these boards and the texture is very rough. Ask to see a sample of ours to see the finished product. ALL of our projects are made with softwoods, ie: pine, birch, etc. No board or piece of wood will be flawless and/or free of knots and irregularities. Our Barn Quilts are made with cabinet grade birch plywood.

CAN I CHOOSE MY OWN COLORS AND FINISHES? Of course! You decide all the colors and finishes. There is no skill required and we are happy to help you create any look you want. (Sample signs that you see on our website or Facebook page may have been made by previous workshop attendees. We cannot guarantee we will have any color shown as our guests commonly mix their own custom colors using multiple colors of paint.)

CAN WE REALLY BUILD A FARMHOUSE DINING TABLE IN ONE OF YOUR WORKSHOPS? Yes, even our Big Build Workshops take about 2 hours. We have everything pre-cut (and in some cases pre-drilled) for you. Big Build workshops are BUILDS ONLY. You will not paint or stain these during the workshop.  For Big Build attendees we offer 20% off any Fusion Mineral Paint at the workshop.

WHAT IF I CAN’T ATTEND A WORKSHOP THAT I HAVE ALREADY PAID FOR? Refunds are given only up until one week prior to the event. Boards and stencils are cut several days in advance. However, if you miss a workshop for any reason, you are able to come in any time during business hours or a future workshop to complete your project. Just let us know 72 hours in advance so we can make sure we have room. Workshop credits expire after one year if not used.

CONTACT INFO: You can email us anytime at or message us through our Facebook Page. Everything you need to know can be found here on the website, but if you still have questions feel free to email or message us anytime and we’ll get right back to you!

LOCATION INFO: We are located at 306 N Center St. in downtown Bloomington, IL